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ELEVATE! Quality Insights®

AdvantmedELEVATE! Quality Insights®


Advantmed’s cloud-based, NCQA-certified software

The quality optimization process begins when ELEVATE! Quality Insights® calculates all HEDIS® administrative measures, as well as systematic hybrid samples for all hybrid-eligible measures included in NCQA’s Technical Specifications.

ELEVATE! Quality Insights Identifies service gaps for all product lines, including Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA health plans. The solution builds off the information produced by Advantmed HEDIS® measures or output from other HEDIS reporting tools.

Action is enabled through an optimal combination of services, such as medical record retrieval, HEDIS abstraction by clinical reviewers, identification of documentation/service gaps, and member and provider engagement services to close gaps.

ELEVATE! Quality Insights Features and Benefits

Summary of ELEVATE! Quality, Advantmed’s end-to-end quality measurement and improvement solution

  • Fully-managed import of all key health plan data
  • Produce all HEDIS measures
  • Produce statistical samples for hybrid-eligible measures
  • Specify chase logic for prioritization of medical record retrieval
  • Medical record retrieval services
  • Medical record abstraction
  • Substantiate MRRV
  • Support submission of IDSS
  • Monitor progress of HEDIS project and quality improvement activities through monthly runs
  • Identify service gaps from selected measures
  • Member Engagement services to close gaps
  • Facilitate insight into provider performance
HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

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