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client pass rate on MRRV NCQA audits

100% pass rate for unparalleled performance.

Leverage our NCQA-certified Elevate^ platform to simplify HEDIS measurement calculations. With over 125 measures available, we’ve helped 100% of our clients pass all portions of their MRRV NCQA audits.

Ready to meet your measurement and reporting needs.

Meet Specifications

Rely on our Elevate^ platform to calculate all HEDIS measures including administrative and systematic samples for hybrid-eligible measures in accordance with NCQA’s Technical Specifications.

Anywhere Access

Access measurements and reporting data from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime you need it, using our web-based Elevate^ platform.

Monitor Changes

Easily benchmark and track changes to the HEDIS numerators, denominators, exclusions, and rates for a more complete and accurate report card of your performance.

Get Your Data, Your Way

Drill down to the details you want to see, including to provider, reviewer, measure, and qualifying events levels. Expand your view to include multiple years of measure runs, and track review progress.

Target Your Actions

Leverage your measurement data to create target lists for lower-cost interventions and to resolve gaps in care.

Streamline HEDIS Submissions

We comply with NCQA’s timelines to produce test files for initial upload to the Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS) as well as final reporting. Rely on us to provide all PLD files for CMS; full audit support including MRRV file preparation; responses to Sections 4, 5 and 7 of the NCQA Roadmap; HEDIS Technical Specifications training; and auditor demonstration of tools for sign off.
125+ Measures Available
Our Elevate^ platform delivers data completeness with over 125 measures available including:

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