Optimize your medical record retrieval process.


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A seamless record retrieval process.

Leveraging our nationwide resources and strong relationships with over 250,000 providers, we streamline the medical record retrieval process with maximum transparency and minimum provider abrasion. See why health plans trust us to deliver superior results.
What makes us different?

Provider-Focused Approach

To support a seamless retrieval process for you as well as for providers, we filter requests to specific site locations, cross-referencing phone numbers, addresses, facility and provider names, and other identifiers for efficiency. Our system also determines appropriate callbacks.

Nationwide Staff

With a nationwide presence that extends to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, we have the resources and capacity to meet your high-volume needs, timeframes, and specific state requirements. All retrieval services are done by highly trained Advantmed employees so we stay accountable for our performance.

Increased Productivity

Our flexible, integrated Elevate^ platform allows us to coordinate multiple medical record collection projects at the same time. Rely on us for a range of programs including Medicare, commercial and Medicaid risk adjustment, RADV audits, as well as HEDIS® and other quality improvement projects.

Quality Control

With our robust two-stage imaging process, you can be sure your records are complete, charts are attached to the right chase ID, and all pages are legible. Supervisors review any rejected records and reroute for specific follow-up and completion.

Real-Time Transparency

View real-time updates on your projects and specific requests, review requests for fees and member/provider information, and maximize outreach attempts. Our intuitive platform gives you transparent access to all data—organized and prioritized so you can quickly find what you need.

EMR Integration

With over 400 vendor-neutral adapters (APIs), we connect with all the top EMR vendors including yours. Our vast resources and clinical data exchange allow us to provide you with robust bidirectional integrations as well.
Multiple medical record retrieval methods.
With support for multiple methods, we’ll coordinate all your medical record collection projects simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

What can a 90+% retrieval rate do for you?