Risk adjustment analytics you can act on.

Improve clinical performance with in-depth analytics.

Combining CMS HCC risk models, HHS HCC risk models, and internally developed models powered by our Elevate^ platform, our advanced end-to-end analytics drive the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of your risk adjustment programs — leading to better clinical performance, patient outcomes, and reimbursements.

Comprehensive analytics in a comprehendible format.

Improve RAF Scores

Access and leverage a wealth of analytics to identify opportunities across your patient population for improved Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores.

Superior Suspecting

Reduce false positives during suspecting with clinical mapping that clearly differentiates between acute and chronic conditions at the ICD-10 level.

Multiple Data Sources

With robust data captured from multiple sources, you’ll be able to identify chronic conditions and implement lower-cost interventions.

Intelligent Targeting

Use our sophisticated and agile targeting to analyze risk scores based on specific HCCs. Our powerful analytics engine cleans, maps, and validates data before importing it into our warehouse.

Probability Trend Analysis

Identify potentially high-risk patients based on projected RAF scores or suspected morbidities.

Coding Gap Intervention

See how your coding progress impacts your financial and clinical performance in real-time, and identify care and documentation gaps so you can close them.

No data left uncaptured.

We capture data from multiple sources for the industry’s most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate analytics.

See our advanced risk adjustment analytics in action.