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16 September 2015

Health information management company RecordFlow rebrands as Advantmed to reflect its comprehensive solutions.
SANTA ANA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RecordFlow announced today that the company has been rebranded as Advantmed. The rebrand recognizes the comprehensive suite of services offered by the company.

Founded in 2005, Advantmed has grown from being primarily a medical record retrieval company to a healthcare information management enterprise, helping health plans, managed care organizations and life insurance companies optimize revenue and improve quality. This comprehensive suite of services, called Elevate! Healthcare™, includes population analytics, medical record retrieval, medical record coding and abstraction, member engagement and professional services to accurately report patient-specific risks and to improve care delivery.

“Rebranding represents our evolution and direction,” said Chief Executive Officer, Akash Patel. “Clients and employees have already gravitated towards us because of our growing service offerings. We are so much more than a medical record review vendor, and this represents an important step to better communicate our value proposition.”

Recordflow, will still be used to represent Advantmed’s new release of information service as part of the Elevate! Healthcare platform. Thus, Recordflow is now one of several products under the Advantmed brand. With over fifty managed care organization clients, 1300 HIPAA-trained experts and 2,000,000 medical records processed per year, Advantmed’s risk and quality solutions remain the most advanced and cost effective in the industry.

“Our focused objectives are to help our clients optimize revenue, understand risk and improve clinical outcomes,” said Don Gerdts, Chief Strategy and Development Officer. “The name change from RecordFlow to Advantmed is a logical reflection of our commitment to offer comprehensive solutions that provide both top-line and bottom-line impact to every client we serve.”

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