Advantmed Invests, Empowers, and Protects

When it comes to supporting hospitals and healthcare providers with release of information (ROI), Advantmed never compromises in delivering on the highest quality standards. We offer our clients a superior ROI medical records solution, along with white-glove customer service, based on three guiding principles: Invest, Empower, and Protect. 



  • With our ROI solution, providers avoid paying for non-billable overages. Additionally, instead of dealing with batch requests and chart audit headaches, you can profit from them. 
  • Advantmed’s partnership model offers providers equitable shared support options that impact your bottom line. We treat your business like it is our business. 


  • Advantmed offers providers peace of mind in knowing that all issues will be addressed within an hour. Our commitment to customer service is as simple as it sounds. We treat customers with respect and follow up when we say we will.
  • The turnover rate for Advantmed’s onsite medical records technicians (MRTs) is extremely low. You can be confident that our MRTs are both professional and loyal. 
  • We take our partnership seriously. Each customer has direct access to company leadership. A director of operations from Advantmed partners with each client and oversees the entire ROI workflow. 
  • Our turnaround time for medical record requests is within two days. 


  • When it comes to quality assurance within your ROI workflow, there is simply no substitute for the human eye. Each request, whether billable or non-billable, is subjected to a double audit by four trained staff members. We believe that there can be no shortcuts when it comes to securing your PHI. 

In today’s health information management (HIM) environment, lacking protection for your organization’s medical records release process would be akin to driving without car insurance. Advantmed’s ROI healthcare support can offer best practices to your HIM department for PHI exchange. Advantmed is here to invest in, empower, and protect you.








Vendor Change

Is there a new way to experience release of information support?

We invite you to explore Advantmed’s industry-leading release of information programs. We promise to be dedicated to quality, attentive to detail, and committed to customer service. We ensure a seamless transition to our individually tailored medical release of information solutions.

Average Transition Time: 1-2 Weeks

Advantmed is a national market leader in PHI exchange and disclosure management solutions designed to support and protect healthcare organizations. To fulfill our mission, we employ a unique and dedicated approach, ensuring thoughtful customer service and quality within the retrieval and release of information marketplace. Advantmed delivers a white-glove experience from the start of service through the entire customer relationship. This is a commitment we make to every client partner and the expectation we have of every employee.


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