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Your source for insights, publications and education surrounding the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Federal Policy and Medicare’s Impact on the Economy

Read the first white paper in our three-part series that explores the health system, the role of providers, and patient care.

White Paper: Federal Policy and Medicare’s Impact on the Economy

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2019 Medicare Advantage and Part D Rate Announcement and Call Letter

Learn more, check out our fact sheet.

2019 Medicare Advantage and Part D Rate Announcement and Call Letter Fact Sheet

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Advantmed’s 6th Annual HEDIS® Training Webinar

An extensive and interactive 3-day training detailing the 2017 HEDIS® Technical Specifications. You will hear real-world examples of HEDIS measure reporting success, and receive immediate feedback on your measure-related questions in a live, online event.

Training Agenda

Advantmed’s 6th Annual HEDIS® Training Webinar Agenda

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Training Presentation

Advantmed’s 6th Annual HEDIS® Training Webinar Presentation


The ACO 2017 Medical Record Review period is extremely short.

Learn how to avoid common mistakes that lose your organization time and hurt your quality scores. Advantmed’s latest webinar will provide an in-depth presentation on the landscape of Accountable Care in 2017. This webinar will cover a Medicare budget outlook, the regulatory landscape influencing ACO management and a tactical examination of ACO quality reporting from scoring policies to GPRO reporting guidance.

ACO 2017 Webinar

Models, Scoring and Medical Record Review

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ACO 2017 Guidelines

Guidelines for Success in 2017 ACO Quality Reporting

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2016 CMS Provided GPRO Measure Workflows

2016 CMS Provided GPRO Measure Workflows

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It's never too early to begin preparing for the next HEDIS® season.

Plans that follow a robust submission prep process typically experience the most success. Our 2017 preparedness checklist provides chronological steps your team can make to ensure successful submissions.

HEDIS® 2017 Webinar

Beyond the Tech Specs – Focus Your Attention on the Intention

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HEDIS® 2017 Preparation Checklist

HEDIS® 2017 Preparatoin Checklist

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Where does your organization stand on the integration curve?

Having a fully integrated business allows for better patient care and cost reduction across lines of business. Learn why certain plans thrive and others struggle to meet the demands of operating in this challenging landscape. Integrate™ by Advantmed provides insights to successfully partner across departments and address business challenges as a whole.


Risk Adjustment and Quality Strategies – The Next Frontier

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The Next Frontier of Revenue and Quality Operations

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Discover the benefits of implementing a member engagement strategy at your organization.

Learn how empowering members can improve clinical outcomes for your total population and overcome a barrier to HEDIS gap adherence.

ELEVATE! Member Engagement Webinar

Closing Care Gaps, Opening Opportunities

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ELEVATE! Member Engagement White Paper

How to Create a Year Round Member Engagement Plan That Delivers

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