Risk Adjustment Coding




The more complicated medical coding gets, the more room there is for error. Coding accuracy is critical. Even with the most sophisticated coding software, 5-10% of coding includes oversights, such as uncoded conditions, coding gaps, and over-coding. These oversights have consequences, including lost revenue or an increase in your Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) exposure.

We understand accuracy. In fact, we live, breathe, and strive for it every day. Advantmed’s advanced technology, clinical expertise, and proven processes deliver average coding accuracy rates of 98%.


  • We make you smarter.
    Our reporting dashboard highlights opportunities and trends that can inform risk and quality initiatives. For example, our processes can identify a particular doctor or coder consistently making the same mistakes.
  • We are fast and efficient.
    With a scalable, experienced workforce of coders, we complete reviews quickly and correctly.
  • We lead the industry in accuracy.
    Our average coding accuracy rate is 98%.
  • We deliver.
    We have a proven track record of reducing RADV exposure for many customers.

Why settle? Try our risk-free second-level coding pilot program:

Are you confident you’re ready for RADV? Are you curious just how accurate your medical records are? Do you want to fully understand your risk?

A second-level coding review helps ensure the records you submit to CMS for reimbursement are more accurate and complete. It also helps you better prepare for a RADV audit.

For a limited time, Advantmed is offering risk-free second-level coding review pilots. Let us review a portion of your charts (from 5,000 to 15,000) for a reduced rate, and we’ll prove to you that our second-level coding reviews are second-to-none. Contact us today at (877) 896-7350 or info@advantmed.com.

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